If your job is done right, we’ve done our job.

Yellow page ads are full of ads for contractors. But they aren’t all reliable or doing good work. Referring only qualified contractors that meet our standards is our business. Every month we assist thousands of homeowners through this process.

There are guidelines set by the Federal Trade Commission which may protect consumers from fraudulent contractors, some of which may include attaining genuine references and contractors documents. [state registration certificates County and City registration and liability insurance] The problem here is that consumers may have difficulty attaining some of these documents.

Here at Contractors Galore we have already done all the legwork before they appear on our list. Each service personnel on our team has an identification card issued by Contractors Galore, which is presented upon arrival.

To start the process you and your contractor should come to a basic agreement involving time, money and security.

Report any suspicious contractor behavior to Contractors Galore LLC. [You will remain anonymous] Should you have any doubts and/or needs to verify the eligibility of any contractor please call us at 561-727-2849 or email us at: [email protected]