We make sure all our contractors are qualified, insured and approved by us.

All our same standards apply to our commercial contractors.  We assist thousands of businesses in finding the right commercial help, every month.

There are guidelines set by the Federal Trade Commission which may protect consumers from fraudulent contractors. Some of which may include obtaining genuine references and contractor’s documents.

It has been our experience that businesses may have difficulty in obtaining some of the above mentioned documents. That is why Contractors Galore is the right choice for your commercial projects.

Here at Contractors Galore LLC we certify each contractor and approve each contractor before they are referred to you. Our service personnel all carry I.D. cards issued by Contractors Galore, which will be presented upon arrival.

Contractors Galore recommendations:

  • The consumer and contractor should come to a basic agreement involving time, money and security.
  • Consumers should be furnished with a written estimate specifying the start date, estimated completion date, total cost of the job to be done and the deposit required.
  • Report any suspicious contractor behavior to contractorsgalore.com [You may remain anonymous]
  • Should you have any doubts and/or needs to verify the eligibility of any contractor please call us at 561-727-2849 or email; [email protected]