Every time you choose a contractor from us, you are choosing someone that has been reviewed and verified by us.

We continue to randomly review our contractors to make sure they continue to keep up with current standards. You won’t get that same courtesy from a guy down the street.

We encourage our customers to make direct contact with our selected list of people at Contractors Galore LLC.

Our Contractors must meet or exceed State/ Provincial required Liability insurance requirements. We verity each contractors insurance policy and keep in direct contact with the insurance provider. Contractors Galore is therefore notified of any changes and/or cancellation within the effective policy period. Additionally, we are notified when all policies are renewed.

Contractors are removed from ContractorsGalore.com should their insurance coverage fall below the required minimum standard or if the policy is canceled for any reason.

We select marketing consultants who understand the vision ofContractorsGalore.com. The ability to build long-term relationships with trustworthy contractors is essential to our clients.



Every service personnel registered with Contractors Galore LLC. must prove their membership by showing this card when requested to do so.

The membership is on an annual basis, and all contractors are advised to keep their account in good standing. Memberships will be automatically renewed unless notified in writing 7 days prior to expiration date. All trade personnel must meet Contractors Galore qualification criteria on a continuous basis. If at any time one of our contractors falls out of qualification for any reason, they are suspended immediately and removed from our directory while a complete investigation is performed. Depending on the severity/longevity of the disqualification any contractor may be permanently removed from Contractors Galore LLC based on the sole discretion of Contractors Galore LLC.

We are always looking for good people. If you know a good contractor from first-hand experience, please fill out the form on our site.

Contractors Galore LLC has implemented an Affiliate Marketing Program which allows business-to-business recommendations of quality contractors to be rewarded. If you would like to know more about our program, click here to contact us directly.

The simplest method is to build positive back-links to ContractorsGalore.com from reputable businesses. What does your company or business do extremely well? Do you work in an industry related to our membership, to homeowners, or to other businesses? Contact Contractors Galore today to learn how beneficial professional networking relationships can be of benefit to you.